NewPath Ottawa

NewPath is a Life Coaching startup here in Ottawa. NewPath needed a full brand and website with an inviting, yet modern look.

Logo System

NewPath required a welcoming logo that incorporated their initials, and reinforced the theme of helping their clients forge their path. Orange and blue complimentary colours were chosen to give an established look, without looking too clinical. The final result is a clean and modern brand, that scales naturally across all devices and printed products.

Landing Page

With a modern, responsive landing page design, NewPath is able to highlight their service offering, convey professionality, and simplify the process for potential new clients to request an appointment.

Branded Materials

The simplicity and bold shapes of the NewPath logo are easily recognizable at any size, making it perfect for smaller applications such as social media icons, or embroidery. With eye-catching business cards social profiles, NewPath is able to make a strong first impression, both in-person, and online!